Wonderland Novels


How can one young man succeed where armies have failed? Jabberwocky is the untold story behind Lewis Carroll’s epic poem.

With interior illustrations by E.K. Stewart-Cook

Jabberwocky by Daniel Coleman

Jabberwocky is available now on Amazon. You can snag the eBook for under $3!





Hatter: A Novel




Red Knight

The newest addition to the Daniel Coleman’s Wonderland Series is available now on Amazon!




Hatter is a Winner of the League of Utah Writers Diamond Award for best novel of the year.

Hatter by Daniel Coleman

(Here’s the old cover)

¬†I have revised the 2011 edition of Hatter and added interior illustrations by E.K. Stewart-Cook. The novel is not only more colorful and enjoyable than before, it ties in more fluidly with the rest of the series. I can’t wait for you to read it.


Book 4 has just come back from the editors.

It needs editing and revision.  Anticipated release date is late 2019.

Book 5 (Originally titled The White Knight) is 90% finished!